Frequently Asked Questions - here to help!

What is the Inspire Me Korea Monthly CULTURE box and what’s inside?

The CULTURE Box is a specially curated monthly subscription box delivering a taste of South Korea to your door. The theme changes each month but the contents are a surprise - join our mailing list for sneak peeks!

Every month you'll receive 8-10 products (sometimes even more!): popular snacks, a beauty product, culture merchandise, K-Pop merchandise and a monthly magazine with entertainment, history, culture, recipes, language and more!

How does it work?

The CULTURE Box is a monthly subscription product, meaning you will be billed every month on the 15th and will receive a box every month until you cancel.

You can also order it as a gift with no auto-renewal - just de-select ‘auto-renewal’ when choosing your plan.

How much does it cost and are their any hidden fees?

The CULTURE Box is £16.99 plus shipping, per month, and gets cheaper with pre-payment. There are no hidden fees!

How does billing work?

Once you subscribe, you will be charged for that month. Following that, you will be re-billed every 15th of the month until you cancel. Once you have been re-billed, we unfortunately cannot refund you but you will get reminders that your renewal is coming up so you won’t forget!

I live in the US/Canada - how do I order?

Please visit our US website where you can shop in US dollars inclusive of shipping!

When is the monthly cut-off date and when will I receive my first box?

The cut-off date to order boxes is the 4th of that month. Boxes start shipping from the UK from the 20th of the previous month and if you order after this date, we will usually ship your box within 2 working days.

For example, if you ordered the August box on 12th July, we will dispatch on 20th July. If you ordered the August box on 29th July, we will dispatch on 30th July.

You will receive an email notifying you when we dispatch. Please see Shipping & Delivery for information shipping cost and how long it will take for your box to reach you.

Where and how do you ship? Can I track my box?

We ship internationally - please see Shipping & Delivery for more information.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at any time by logging into your account, under ‘Update your information’ click ‘Edit’ and then ‘Cancel Subscription’.

If you cancel after the 15th, you will still receive one more box before you end your subscription.

*Cancelling does not mean you do not receive the box you paid for! It just means you will not renew your subscription/be charged again.*

Can I sign up for just one box?/How do gifts work?

Want to inspire a friend or loved one with Korean culture?
You can order the CULTURE box as a gift as a one-off box - just de-select ‘auto-renewal’ when choosing your plan OR you can order one of our MYSTERY boxes as a one-off!

What if I change my mind after making an order? Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we do not accept refunds unless you have received your box and there is something faulty/incorrect. This will be evaluated by our customer service team, please contact us if you have a concern at [email protected]

Can I skip a delivery?

Not at home to collect? Not in the country? Whatever the reason, you can log into your account any time and click 'edit' to change your renewal.

I have special dietary requirements/allergies

We now cater for vegans and vegetarians! When ordering our monthly subscription box, you will be asked about your dietary requirements before checkout.

Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee the elimination or replacement of products with other allergen/dietary ingredients or make bespoke boxes anymore but you can email us to find out whether this month's box is suitable for you at [email protected]

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